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Korean Organisations in Victoria

Korean Society of Victoria - Australian Federation of Korean Communities

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Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Melbourne - 주멜번분관

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

KOWIN - Korean Overseas Women's International Network

Professional women's network  

Korean and English Language exchange

Contact: Yohan Yun

KAWA: Korean Advocacy And Wellbeing Association

Korean advocacy and wellbeing association

Melbourne Korean Cultural Foundation (MKCF)

More Korean Groups and Associations

  • Advisory Committee on Democratic and Peaceful Unification 민주평화통일 자문위원회
  • Art Association 미술 협회   
  • Carmel 카멜   
  • Football Society 축구회    
  • Korean Elderly Citizens Association of Victoria 빅토리아주 한인 노인회   
  • Korean Overseas Women's International Network (KOWIN) 코윈
  • Medical   Association 의사 협회    
  • Melbourne Journal 멜번저널   
  • Melbourne Korean Musicians 'Association 멜번한인 음악인 협회    
  • Melbourne Mentor Group 멜번 멘토그룹   
  • Melsowi 멜소위   
  • Merchants' Association 상공인 협회
  • Monash Senior Citizens 'Association 모나쉬 노인회   
  • Mountain Climbing 여성 산악회   
  • Nurses 'Association 간호사 협회   
  • OKTA 옥타
  • Raon   Magazine 라온 메거진   
  • Sound of Culture Plaque 문화패 소리   
  • Victoria Korean Teachers' Association 빅토리아 한국어 교사회의사 협회   
  • Victoria Korean Teachers' Association 빅토리아 한국어 교사회
  • Victorian Teachers' Association 빅토리아 교사 협회   
  • Welfare Center 복지센타